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I am best known for being a guitarist & band leader and also have spent many years as a music director, drummer, bassist, songwriter, audio engineer, tech, artist, & mentor.

I am also known for my one-man-band recordings and backing up singers such as; Kathy Banta, Jules Day, Tricia Eisen, Robi Messerich, & Krista Sasse. and playing in bands: Heavens Thunder, Twice Born, & Innocent Charm. ​I am from Minneapolis, MN and have lived all over the country as well. Currently I am based in Lake Mills, IA and am authoring my third book. I am, most importantly, a Christian and a family man. I have been married over a decade to my lovely wife Carrie and together we have a daughter Annabelle.


Released today, my fifth book: Vintage Stencil Drums Made In Japan, sold by Blurb.


Released today, my fourth book: What Does God Look Like?, sold by Blurb.


Released today, my third book: BANDMATE, sold by Blurb.


Released today, the single: "I Want You" on iTunes, Amazon, & Spotify.

Released today, the instrumental single: Boogie Baby on iTunes, Amazon, & Spotify.

Released today, the instrumental single: Rock - the End (the theme songs from the Weird Podcast) on iTunes, Amazon, & Spotify.

Released today, my second book: Pop Song Poetry, sold by Blurb.

Released today, my first book: Marc Patch Drum Guide 2017, sold by Blurb.


The podcast "Weird" has added two of my songs: Rock & The End as theme songs for their show!